4. For errors such as spelling mistakes, the stamp duty and registration charges are Rs 100 each. Such stamp paper can be used in two ways. These new charges are levied on documents like gift deeds, sale deeds, lease deeds, exchange deeds, partition deeds, collaboration agreements, mortgage deeds, settlement deeds, and sale certificates. To register the will after the death of the testator Registration fee of Rs.100 and enquiry fee including batta, processing expenses at … 200/- Registration Fees. Several instruments used in single transaction of sale, mortgage or settlement. on the issuance of gifts to family members, stamp duty is 2 percent, rs 1000 to rs 10000 fee, and the transfer charge is imposed. the stamp duty payable on registration of partition deed is 0.5% of the market value of the separated share or shares of the property. Female property owners can avail a rebate of Rs 10,000 on the total amount. of Punjab Click to Download A minor is not capable of entering into a valid contract, so the minor cannot make a valid gift deed. B afterwards buys the house from A. Stamp-duty is payable on Rs.10,000 less the amount of stamp-duty already paid for the mortgage. there is no transfer fee in respect of this category. Delay in payment of property Stamp Duty will draw a penalty at the rate of 2% per month on the deficit amount of the Stamp Duty and a maximum penalty of 200% of the deficit amount of the Stamp Duty. Stamp Duty in Uttar Pradesh: The Yogi Adityanath Government in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday notified the new stamp duty rates on the registration fee for property and other transactions under which the maximum cap of Rs 20,000 on transactions has been done away with. (2) It shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Madhya Pradesh Gazette. I want to know how a stamp duty is calculated on a lease property in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The monthly rent would be Rs. 20/Sq ft and the area is 1,00,000 sq ft. The property is at Sector-62 Noida. Excisable goods have been defined as those, which have been specified in the Central Excise Tariff Act as being subjected to the duty of excise. In Tamil Nadu, stamp duty at 7% and registration charges at 4% make it a total of 11% which must be paid by the home buyer while registering a property. Stamp duty: Family (which includes mother, father, wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, granddaughter and grandson.) 4. 1,50,000 paid on stamp duty and registration as a deduction under section 80C. The property can be registered in the name of the female family member to take advantage of this facility. Several instruments used in single transaction of sale, mortgage or settlement 5. 1% of the market value of the property (not less than Rs. Uttar Pradesh (UP) govt. The Stamp Duty Amount is . 4.How to pay ... power of attorney is executed in favour of a person other than family member, 1 percent stamp duty on value of the property shall ... under Indian Stamp Act, 1899. Central Excise Duty. 4153842 of Commissioner General of Inland Revenue at Bank of Ceylon –Taprobane Branch, Use system printed pay-in- slips that have been issued by Inland Revenue Department for each quarter, to settle the Stamp Duty liability of that quarter. From 1 July to 30 September 2021, you’ll pay no Stamp Duty on residential properties costing up to £250,000. 5. The latest notification on stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh has been cleared with the assent of the Governor. exemption from stamp duty on a deed of assignment in favour of an ARC. The cost of stamp duty is generally 5-7% of the property’s market value. In the compliance of Government order the Patta holder will be exempted from levied Stamp duty on execution of lease deed and. 8) If I have to pay only Registraion Fee then which receipt should be taken? Registering Sale Deed, the buyer need to pay stamp duty & registration charges to Govt. Print this template for special power of attorney to share the property or apartment possession or rental rights.. Therefore, it would be adviseable for you to visit the Sub-Registrar's office at Lucknow and ascertain from that office. 90. At the time of transferring ownership of property i.e. The stamp duty is typically in the range of 5-12.5% of the market value of the property (varies in different states), while the registration charge is about 1%. Ensure that the stamp duty prescribed by the State has been paid in the gift settlement deed. When we receive your order online we procure stamp paper from stamp vendor whose details will appear on the stamp paper. 50,000. The trust deed is to be executed on appropriate non-judicial stamp paper, the rate of stamp duty differs from state to state. Registration fee of a Relinquishment Deed is 1% of the total value of Deed along with Rs. Will Deed. Usc of adhesive stamps. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of a debt 07/08/2018. These charges are levied at the time of registration of a property.Paying such a fee proves the ownership of a homebuyer’s property. An affidavit from each partner on a stamp paper of Rs. Claim the amount up to Rs. All … Exclusive Exemption on Registration Fees for women. Duty when settlement made in pursuance of agreement. If you want your son to get immediate benefit of the plot and are ready to pay the heavy stamp duty and registration charges that come along with it then, Gift deed settlement is the best options you have. Haryana: e-Stamping for Deed Registration. Deed Writer Prohibited Property Encumbrance Search DORIS-Help Desk. 31/12/2018. 0.002% or max Rs 1000 per day. has hiked Stamp Duty rates (Updated) As per the NSE circular issue on the 29th March 2019, the government of Uttar Pradesh has hiked the stamp duty by 25 times (Upper cap remains the same). Say, if the stamp duty for the sale deed is 5.5%, then, you need to pay only 5.4% because you already paid a franking charge of 0.1%. 10 each stating their consent and willingness to enter into this agreement. The stamp duty on a gift deed is usually lower than that of a sale deed but is calculated as a conveyance that of a sale deed. Document Value is differ based on the State. Penalty for issuing share warrant not duly stamped. Regards, Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts; Settlement agreement disregards the individual’s rights to make a claim covered by the agreement to an employment tribunal or court. acts, deeds and things whatsoever for further and more perfectly assuring the said land, every part thereof unto the “DONEE” in the manner aforesaid or as shall or may be reasonably required. 1,000 per day. Clarification on exemption of Stamp duty and registration fees on direct purchase of private land by East Coast Railway. The stamp duty which has been paid on this Agreement shall be liable to adjustment on the stamp duty to be paid / payable on the lease deed to be executed in accordance with Notification No.3066/11-5-2009-500 (100)/2008 dated 12th June, 2009 and as amended time to time by the State Govt. This simple tax calculator calculates stamp duty charges in uttar pradesh. UTTAR PRADESH. As per a report in July 2020, the Tamil Nadu Government is likely to reduce stamp duty and registration charges for all rental agreements of more than 12 months. The charges are the same for men, women, and joint owners. Charitable trusts are set up with the common objective of getting involved in charitable activities while collecting certain benefits for him, his heirs, and successors. guideline rules amendment notification 2019-06-28-Ex-255. Instrument: The Indian Stamp Act, levies stamp duty on the Instrument not on transactions and this fact has been upheld by many courts, since the Finance Act aims to levy stamp duty on securities issued, sold , transferred etc., through electronic means , therefore the issue of the matter was, what will be the instrument in such cases on which the stamp duty will be levied and collected. ... Uttar Pradesh. Stamp Duty: 7% of the market value of the property Registration Fee: 1% of the market value of the property: Madhya Pradesh For the transfer to a non-family member: 5% of the market value of the property For the transfer to a family member: 2.5% of the market value of the property: Telangana: Stamp Duty: 5% of the market value of the property Certain departments, organisations, Institutions etc., to ensure payment of stamp duty 16 11. There are three ways to pay stamp duty: (1) Using the e-stamping facility (2) Using papers bearing impressed stamps (non-judicial stamp paper), and (3) Using a franking machine. Instruments chargeable with duty. 23) on the aggregate of the market value of the shares issued or allotted, in exchange or otherwise, and the amount of consideration paid- The tenant has to pay a stamp duty, which varies from state to state along with registration charge (varies between Rs 500-1,000) on registration of rental agreements. Previous Next. If the shares are transferred under the depository mechanism, no stamp duty is payable on such transfer of shares. Administration Bond. AS per VB govt. 5. In what could be a blow to the real estate sector, the State Stamps and Registration department has decided that the benefit of one per cent stamp duty … View (7 MB) Stamp Duty Rates 2014-2015. Generally these stamps are affixed to the transfer deed and cancelled (to avoid repeated use). Object & Reasons 6. franking or non-judicial stamp papers may be used. So, if you are buying a house for Rs. Visit Now! 2019-06-29-Ex-262 registration act. Relinquishment deed is a legal document in which a legal heir gives up or releases his legal rights in an inherited, parental or joint property in favour of other legal heirs and family members such as his mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister etc. Better viewed in 800 X 600 resolution. guidline order 20%. 20-08-2019: RDM-Reg-PGCM-0009-2018-24545 IANS; February 14, 2020, 19:24 IST Applicability of the Code.-The provisions of this Code, except What if one party passes away during the lease term? All about Stamp Duty and Registration Charges: Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Bangalore are two crucial things you should know while you wish to buy a flat/apartment in Bangalore and applying for a home loan. 0.05% or … State of Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad High Court recently held that stamp duty is payable on the transfer of debts along with underlying securities. The property is … Using this you can easily determine your stamp duty charges that you will be required to pay while transferring the title of your property to another person in uttar pradesh. Certain Instruments chargeable with additional duty. 4. CHAPTER II . Definitions CHAPTER II STAMP DUTIES 3. Stamp Duty on lease deeds of land allotted/sold by Urban Local Bodies 3. Instruments chargeable with duty. Registration charges tend to be 1% of the property’s market value. Uttar Pradesh Stamp Duty Calculator. In case of optionally registrable documents where stamp duty amount is less than Rs 5000/- other modes of payment i.e. The reduced stamp duty shall apply to all loan agreements executed by such borrowers in favour of banks, financial institutions, and financial development corporations, among others. Registration charge for a resale property. The benefits of Trust Registration are mentioned below:-. 200/- Stamp Duty, 1% LBT, and Rs. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to stamp duties in the State of Uttar Pradesh #2 Visit the office of Registrar (commonly known as the office of sub-registrar) for your residential location. To Involve in Charitable Activities. Due to the condition, the collector of stamp charged full stamp duty to the deed power of attorney as per conveyance. 17 12. 2. the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Code, 2006. Points to remember: 1. The Uttar Pradesh Stamp (Repeal) Act, 2019. Citizens of the state of UP are required to pay stamp duty to the respective Central Government and Uttar Pradesh State Government (while executing wills, deeds, agreements, etc.). The Indian Stamp Act, 1899 No.2 of 1899 (As amended in its application to the State of Madhya Pradesh ) An act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Stamps. If you’re a first-time buyer, you’ll pay no Stamp Duty on properties costing up to £300,000 and a discount rate up to £500,000. 200* CSI Charges (Where it exceed 50,000) : Rs. Ans. 2. 2,80,000; Hence, the effective cost of owning this property comes to Rs 44.40 lakhs. Stamp Duty & Registration Charges Ghaziabad 2020-21. 476, Revenue … 90/A 2. Notes The object of the Act is to collect proper stamp duty on an instrument or conveyance on which such stamp duty is payable. 2. of Indian Stamp Act 1899 applicable to, Uttar Pradesh) Description of Instruments Proper Stamp Duty. Instruments chargeable with duty [3A.Deleted] 1 4. Stock Certificates to Bearer 93. For eg., if a stamp paper is purchased for sale deed, then it cannot be used for any purpose other than executing a sale deed. Stamp Duty Rates for the Calendar Year 2019. In some states, stamp duty rates for property transfer by way of gift is the same as for sale or conveyance deed. Get the power of attorney attested by the Indian Consulate / High Commission / Embassy or by a Notary Public. According to Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, a family settlement that purports to assign immovable property must be mandatorily registered or the deed would be invalid. A stamp duty is applicable on such deeds and the amount would depend on the value of the property involved. 3 … – Pursuant to the aforesaid agreement, the parties to this deed of partition, hereby divide the joint-family property in five equal shares for which purpose the same had been split up into five lots, each of such lot being incorporated in a separate Schedule attached to this deed whereby the properties mentioned in Schedules I, II, III, IV and V are assigned and allotted to parties Nos. After the enclosed documents are verified, the agreement deed is registered by the Sub-Registrar (S.D.M.). The stamp duty in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is 7 percent of the property value. by a Muslim is valid even if it is not registered under the. Points to note 1. 20-08-2019: RDM-Reg-PGCM-0009-2018-24551: Exemption of stamp duty in respect of gift deed executed in favour of Gopabandhu Science College, Athagarh. Some others may also be collected at the rate of 8 %. Gazette, Extraordinary, Part I, Section (Ka), dated 07.04.2010. Transfer of Property Act or the Stamps and Registration Act, the Supreme Court today ruled. 2019-06-29-Ex-263 stamp act. 3. Gift Deed You can also share the ownership by gifting it to someone. In this article, GS Rao points out the provisions of the Stamp Act as well as the Companies Act. In the instant case, debts at Rs.177.49 crore were outstanding towards principal, interest and another amount due and payable by the borrowers to the Kotak Mahindra Bank. 3C. To transfer the property through gift deed, gift deed attracts 2% stamp duty on market value of property in Uttar Pradesh. The stamp duty on a Gift varies from state to state and most of the state governments also have a provision for relatively lower rates of stamp duty for women. Before discussing the same, lets understand what is stamp duty. Be it enacted by the Madhya Pradesh Legislature in the sixty-seventh year of the Republic of India as follows :-. Settlements, when not to be charged as securities. Basically, stamp duty is charged on the execution of deeds such as affidavits, wills, deeds, certificates, bonds, gifts, lease, adoption, etc. Information on Kadiri Municipality of Andhra Pradesh is given. State Stamp duty Payable Maximu m ceiling limit (in Rs.) None – where in case of blood relativeOthers- 6% of value of the property. Intra Group Relief. Stamp Duty … To ascertain fair value of the immovable property for calculation of stamp duty, approved valuation experts will have to carry out valuation of the property. Instruments chargeable with duty. Gift Deed in favor of Near Relatives (in favor of Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Grandson, Granddaughter or Wife of a deceased son) – Rs. Stamp duty on intermediary unregistered instruments 6. Stamp duty is a one-off charge that must be paid within 3 months of the property settlement. The legal implications of a family settlement, from the perspective of general law, the Transfer of Property Act, the Registration Act, the Income-tax Act, etc has been explained in a succinct manner. Uttarakhand. New Delhi: A gift of immovable property made. Stamp Duty Registration Fees Rebate 1 Registration of Conveyance, Sale Deed वय -प का पजीकरण In General 5%, but in Female Buyer 3.75% (Immovable property). 20/-and in Gujarat is Rs. 91. Updated: May 05, 2011, 23:05 PM IST. The deed power of attorney is executed in Maharashtra before 1st April 2013. Instruments relating to several district matters 6. 20/Sq ft and the area is 1,00,000 sq ft. Gift deed settlement is very different. According to PTI, in a major policy decision aimed at boosting the real estate sector, the Maharashtra government has decided to slash the stamp duty on sale deed documents by 3 … For executing a new agreement: You can use it for executing a new agreement or another purpose for what you had purchased it. Subject to the conditions set out in section 45 of the Stamp Duty Ordinance ("the Ordinance"), stamp duty relief is available for the transfer of immovable property or shares from one associated body corporate to another. Regarding stamp duty exemption with respect to the mortgage deed as specified in the Schedule-IA appended in the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 when executed for securing loan on or behalf of Govt. STAMP DUTY CHARGES IN INDIA: Stamp Duty is a tax that is imposed on documents that are charged by state and the central government in India for the consumers who opt to take a residential property to the builders which are mandatory for homebuyers to pay the stamp duty on the sale agreement under section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. . Register the property at the ready reckoner prices published by the government. Also available at. Duties to be paid in cash, or by demand draft or by pay order by notary 16 10D. registration of a gift, the same would not apply to a Muslim. Mumbai - In Mumbai, the stamp duty fee differ as per the type of the property which is being gifted, such as:-. You can acquire ownership of immovable property in the following 5 popular ways; 1. As such, these charges can run into lakhs of rupees. STAMP DUTIES A-OF THE LIABILITY OF INSTRUMENTS TO DUTY. For a Relinquishment deed, stamp duty is 6% in the case of men and 4% in the case of women. As stated above, the stamp duty for female property buyers is lower as compared to male buyers in some states. Stamp duty: 7% of Rs 40 lakhs = Rs. Tamilnadu Stamp Duty and Registration fee 2017 – 2018. User can use this service to pay stamp duty required for deed registration and can also generate the E-Stamp Papers. It is absolutely true that Relinquishment Deed involves very nominal stamp duty and registration charges compared to Gift Deed or Sale Deed. Registration Of Documents After Paying Stamp Duty. In Uttar Pradesh, the stamp duty on rent agreement is four per cent while it is 0.25 per cent in Maharashtra. One hundred rupees. How to apply for a stamp duty exemption in NSW? Short title, extent and commencement. (3) It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by notification, appoint, and different dates may be appointed for different areas or for different provisions of this Code. Share Warrants 92. As to settlement of policy or security. 100/- pasting charges. There is no concession provided on stamp duty and registration charges for women property owners in Tamil Nadu. 3A. Preliminary. Stamp Duty in Pune. Stamp duty and registration fee has to be paid to register a gift deed. Documents to be enclosed –. After satisfying the proper stamp duty and documentation & after ascertain the contents of the documents from the executor the same is ordered to be registered after verifying the identification of the executants from the two witnesses both the witnesses must be known to each other and the first witness required to be known to the Sub Registrar i.e. Limit on levy of additional stamp duty. Relevant portions of Articles 58 and 64 of the said schedule are extracted below : Description of Instrument Property Stamp Duty "58. Prior to submitting the documents for registration, enquiries were made as to the stamp duty payable on which the officials of the respondent no. In the next step; the applicant would have to take estimation of the circle rate and the respective stamp duty. Stamp Duty on revalidated lease deeds 5. Site Designed, Developed & Maintained by National Informatics Centre, Haryana State Centre, Chandigarh. If the MSME firms face any sort of disputes and conflict in their business affairs, the firms enjoy the facility of Time-bund resolution of disputes with the buyer. The same duty as Bond No.15 for such amount. It is also payable on non-residential property, that is, land or housing sites without residential buildings - see Rates below. 3. Stamp duty is payable when a transfer deed is executed for transfer of shares. Register the property in the name of a female family member, if the rebate is allowed in the state, where the property is located. According to wikipedia, Stamp Duty is a tax that is levied on documents. It is usually executed at the place where the donor wants to execute the gift deed of his properties amongst his entire family member. 4% on the market value of property. Articles of Association: All article and memorandum of the association have their fees as prescribed in Rules 10/39 of the 1899 Indian Stamp Act and is based on the location of the entity. NotaryKart provides stamp paper writing if you need agreements, deeds to be printed on stamp paper in Hyderabad. However, men and women both pay the same stamp duty if the property’s cost if over Rs 10 lakhs in UP. STAMP-DUTY ON INSTRUMENTS UNDER THE INDIAN STAMP ACT, 1899 AS AMENDED UPTO DATE IN ITS APPLICATIOIN TO UTTAR PRADESH. Short title, extent and commencement 2. 4. Stamp duty on registration fees will be calculated as 1% of such consideration or value, calculated for the purpose of stamp duty chargeable on the document, whichever is higher, subject to the minimum of Rs 100. 1. It is clearly mentioned in that the executant (owner) can never cancel the said deed power of attorney ex-party. MSME firms enjoys rebate on Stamp duty charges laid down by the government. Government’s stamp duty waiver and e-stamp duty brings path breaking reforms in Punjab Posted on March 21, 2016 by Political writer On a move to bring prosperity through governance reforms in Punjab, the state government has brought in major changes in the provisions related to land deals and transactions in addition to streamlining the records through digitalisation. I want to know how a stamp duty is calculated on a lease property in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Stamp Duty is expected to be paid in full and on time. Department of Registration and Stamps, Madhya Pradesh. deed, lease deed, mortgage, license, partition deed and settlement deed etc. In India there are 29 States and Stamp Duty varies in each State for ex: The Stamp Duty for Rent Agreement in Delhi is Rs. The criteria for imposing a stamp duty on a gift deed vary from state to state. Titled as the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Code, 2006, the Act brings sweeping changes to the entire revenue regime, while repealing 32 enactments in total (including Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1950 and the United Provinces Land Revenue Act ,1901) and introducing a fresh amendment as the Uttar Pradesh Revenue Code (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015. Stamp duty applies to residential property such as houses, apartments or sites with agreement to build. The same duty as a Bond (No.15) for a sum equal to the amount or value of the property settled as set forth in such settlement: PROVIDED that, where an agreement to settle is stamped with the stamp required for an instrument of settlement, and an instrument of settlement in pursuance of such agreement is subsequently executed, the duty on such instrument shall not exceed eight annas. Dept. STAMP ACT SCHEDULE ANNEXURE SCHEDULE1-A STAMP DUTY ON CERTAIN INSTRUMENTS UNDER THE STAMP (ANDHRA PRADESH AMENDMENT) ACT, 1922 (SEE SECTION 3, FIRST PROVISION) Article DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENTNo PROPER STAMP DUTY 1 One Rupee.ACKNOWLEDGMENT of a debt exceeding twenty rupees in mount or value written or signed … To transfer the property through gift deed, gift deed attracts 2% stamp duty on market value of property in Uttar Pradesh. For registration of will during the life time of the testator Rs.100 Registration fee prescribed + User Charges applicable. Users can get information about the municipality, its composition, public services, socio-economic activities, elected representatives, etc. stamp duty amount is minimum Rs 5000/- or above. In the case of agricultural and residential land, the stamp duty is Rs 100. With the introduction of stamp duty, … according to the amendment, the stamp duty is 5%, the registration fee is 1%, the transfer fee is 1.5% of the market value. 17 of 2010) UP148 (As passed by the Uttar Pradesh Legislature) Received the assent of the President on 27.03.2010 and published in the U.P. Several instruments used in single transaction of sale, mortgage or settlement. 2. SETTLEMENT The same duty as a Bond (No.15) for a sum equal 463, Revenue (Regn-1) Department), Dated: 17.08.2013. Once you pay the stamp duty, the document has to be registered under the Indian Registration Act with a sub-registrar. Stock exchange, etc., to deduct stamp duty from trading members accounts 16 10C. CHAPTER I . 5,000 as charges for franking. Subject to a max. 100 (Rupees one hundred). There is no Stamp duty on will deed. 1,00,000 6 Bihar 0.1% of the loan securitized or debt assigned with underlying securities subject to maximum limit. Total Documents Received. Act No. of U.P. Registered Trust Avails Tax Exemptions. At this point, the POA is termed as simple POA. Stamp duty and registration charges up to Rs. Buy stamp paper online in Hyderabad at NotaryKart and we will ship them to your doorstep within 2-3 working days. Schedule IB (as amended in Uttar Pradesh) enumerates the stamp duty on instruments under the Act in its application to Uttar Pradesh. Short title, extent and commencement. 1. According to Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, a family settlement that purports to assign immovable property must be mandatorily registered or the deed would be invalid. New Stamp Duty Rate – 0.05% up to a maximum of Rs. Uttar Pradesh notifies new stamp duty rates on registration fee for property. The Stamp Duty Amount is calculated based on the Uttar Pradesh, where stamp paper / stamp uty is 7 % . New Duty. Calculate the Respective Stamp Duty. The last time land-related fee and duty … Call us at +91-8800418408 and then send the original Power of Attorney to India. Charges in Delhi. The stamp duty should be paid through Collector of Stamps/SDM. Transfer of immovable property results in the conveyance of property rights, i.e. Steps for Stamping (registration) of Power of Attorney. Stamp Duty on affidavits submitted alongwith application for conversion/regularisation 4. STAMP-DUTIES . As mentioned above, ... For instance, in Uttar Pradesh, the stamp duty payable under Article 62(c) is Rs. A-Of the liability of instruments to duty . BHU-LEKH (DLRC) Lodge Your Grievance. Get free answers to all your legal queries from experienced lawyers & expert advocates on property & other legal issues at LawRato. The registration charge for a resale property is 1% of market value or the agreement value of the property. Revision in the rate of Stamp duty for the state of Uttar Pradesh [Update] From April 01, 2019, Stamp Duty on transactions of securities and commodities for the state of Uttar Pradesh has been revised as explained below: Old Duty. Valuation in case of annuity, etc.– Stamp Duty [Issue 1] S15 - 6 Settlements Section 89. On the issuance of gifts to family members, stamp duty is 2 percent, Rs 1000 to Rs 10000 fee, and the transfer charge is imposed. For the registration of family settlement, 2% stamp duty and registration fee can be paid. How much stamp duty do I need to pay in case of “gift settlement deed” in Hyderabad? Penalty involves fine or even imprisonment. 06/03/2018. Acknowledgement Fifty paise. Stamp Duty: Delhi: For Women 4% and Man 6% of the market value of the property. (2) It extends to the whole of Uttar Pradesh. Procedure to calculate stamp duty: The stamp duty is calculated based on the circle rate of the locality where the property is situated. 39) Fifty rupees . If you take longer than 3 months to pay stamp duty, you may accrue interest and fees. 2. In general, the only factor affecting the amount of stamp duty … 4% and 3% in case of SC/ST or BPL for Women5% for Man1% for the daughter or Wife 2.5% for close family members like son, daughter, father, mother, in-laws, grandson or granddaughter. For Movable property stamp duty payable 2% on the amount which is subject of such deed. Stamp Duty Relief . The registration charges … The stamp duty rate will depend on factors such as the value of the property, if it is your primary residence and your residency status.