Over the years of the original show, a bunch of cast members have come and gone. Criminal Minds. For my longtime fans, this is NOT my version of Criminal Minds but the current cast (minus the new guy I don't have a feel for yet). Archive for the Cast Category « Older Entries. Where to Watch. Criminal Minds cast list, including photos of the actors when available. 0. Updates include: Laverne Cox to have "Doubt" for CBS; Daniel Henney latest cast in "Criminal Minds" spin-off; and Starz's "Ash vs. Cook … Fun facts: cast, trivia, popularity rankings, and more. Although the makers have officially clarified that season 15 was the final season of the show, fans are still speculating if there could be a possibility for another season. When the longtime hit procedural drama Criminal Minds got ready to say farewell and wrap its final 15th season, the creative team at Watch investigated their favorite photos of television's badass FBI profilers. Thomas Gibson brought Criminal Minds Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner to life for 11 years, providing an anchor as other cast members came and went. Top Game Creators; Create a 2048 Game; Settings; Type to get suggestions. Watch: "Criminal Minds" Cast Celebrates 300th Episode Milestone The two-part Criminal Minds series finale airs Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. on CBS. Criminal Minds is an American police procedural crime drama television series created and produced by Jeff Davis. The Criminal Minds revival has been officially confirmed, but long-time fans still have questions about which characters and cast members will be returning.With the line-up still wide open, some are even wondering if actor Thomas Gibson might return as FBI analyst Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner. Some of the actors who play the villains are very good. While Matthew Gray … actors. Instead, he’s on the hunt for a new job. trivia; popular ; trending; random; Criminal Minds. The Criminal Minds actor searched his brain, but he could only refer to the person as "my favorite actor of my generation." Till date, almost nine seasons … criminal minds Criminal Minds is an American police procedural drama that premiered September 22, 2005 on CBS. Contents. Extreme Aggressor 42m. Aisha Tyler on How 'Criminal Minds' Cast Is Preparing for the Show's Ending (Exclusive) This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a … Criminal Minds has had seven regulars as part of its core cast. The actress who plays Agent Gina Sharp is Gina Garcia, who worked in Criminal Minds' casting department. In the past, Cook and Brewster were both let go in an effort to cut the budget. Gideon then realized who his father meant. trivia; popular; trending; random; Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. 17/12/2020 - Explore ☆Mariam ☆'s board "Criminal minds actors", followed by 591 people on Pinterest. Criminal Minds; Criminal Minds Season 15 Cast Don't Worry, Your BAU Faves Are Back For the Final Season of Criminal Minds . CRIMINAL MINDS is getting a reboot despite the original series only coming to … Beloved cast members and O.G.’s of Criminal Minds Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Actor Thomas Gibson has been fired from the CBS drama "Criminal Minds" after 11 seasons in the wake of an on-set altercation with a producer. But Deadline says that most if not all of them from the show's final season will be back for the reboot. It is such a powerful and meaningful drama. With her net worth, she is enjoying a great lifestyle with her family. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Charles Rocket, who portrayed a judge in the movie, committed suicide in 2005. Moves : 0. Lee Han was supposed to be Reid, Na Na was supposed to be Garcia, and Kang Ki Hyung was supposed to be Hotchner. 31. The episode saw the BAU meeting in secret to investigate an unsub that seems to be kidnapping and photographing young women. … Looks like you're using an unsupported browser or operating system. … Criminal Minds Season 16: Cast. A look back at some of the best Criminal Minds cast photographs. Glaudini missed out on the success of the show, but still has a net worth of $4 million thanks to her roles in shows such as NYPD Blue, The Sopranos and The Expanse and many more. 12. Daniel Henney Estimated Net Worth: $5 Million. Perhaps, the criminal Minds’ Season 16 cast will incorporate their most important actors. Criminal Minds has seen several stars depart over the years, including original lead … The executive producer of Criminal Minds Erica Messer is ready for the season, however, the cast that will star in the season is not confirmed yet. They take the case on in secret due to Linda Barnes (Kim Rhodes), the FBI’s Assistant Director of … Kirsten has been on Criminal Minds since day 1 and is still a vital part of the cast. Fans of the crime drama will remember him as the former unit chief of Quantico's Behavioral Analysis Unit, the supervisor of all special agents, and the team's Media Liaison Officer. The series follows a team of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) at Quantico, Virginia. Release year: 2005. The hit CBS procedural crime drama, Criminal Minds, ended after five seasons on February 19, 2020. As reported on the website Blog of Death, “His throat was slit, and a knife was found next to the body. Criminal Minds Season 2 Quotes. “It has been said that time heals all wounds. 3.5K3.5K. Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson is no longer chasing serial killers. "Criminal Minds" wrapped after 15 seasons on CBS in February 2020, but the cast's popularity didn't end with the popular crime drama, so we peeked into their personal lives. Network: CBS. USER EDITOR. View source. GUEST CAST. love criminal minds ! Famous Birthdays. See more ideas about criminal minds cast, criminal minds, criminal. Luckily, Jeanne Tripplehorn swooped in at the eleventh hour to bring Alex Blake to life on screen as the latest team member to join the cast. 1.1 Aa to Ae; 1.2 Af to Aj; 1.3 Ak to Ao; 1.4 Ap to At; 1.5 Au to Az; 2 B. Criminal Minds is one of the most successful police procedural series on television thanks not only to its intriguing and real-life subject matter, but its excellent writing and cast. Extreme Aggressor 42m. Criminal Minds" actor Thomas Gibson, unknown actor, actress A.J. babygirlgeek7 i love the team but it would be way better if elle and gideon were still in it. 2. Add Criminal Minds to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back.. Release year: 2005. Thomas Gibson’s time on CBS’ Criminal Minds has come to an end. Compulsion 44m. I do not agree. Criminal Minds - Full Cast & Crew. Movie Actors, Reviews, Trailers, Database! Patinkin left after Season 3 due to creative differences. Criminal Minds is the kind of show that gets under your skin. What makes this episode so great is its relatability, as many college kids need to keep their head on a swivel during Spring Break. Criminal Minds is the most popular thriller and crime drama in the United States. Ava Smith. In … Saria Feb 20 2018 6:07 am Criminal Minds Korea is a great drama and Lee Joon Gi is a First Rate Actor, the Best Actor. Evil Dead" adds Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo. 24 edits. Search. pearlygirl love them all. It’s already been a year since the series ended and most of the cast and production members have moved to their new ventures. Actors and actresses that have appeared on Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, and/or Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders that have passed away after their appearance. Criminal Minds Cast News Update. Criminal Minds suffered from notorious cast turnover, beginning in Season 2 with the departure of the main protagonist Jason Gideon, brought to life by Mandy Patinkin, and the subsequent loss of Lola Glaudini's Elle Greenaway.Despite a huge amount of fan support and a 15 season run, Criminal Minds saw main characters come and go at an alarming rate. Criminal Minds is a suspense thriller about an elite squad of profilers who analyze the country's most twisted serial criminal minds, anticipating their next move before they strike again. There are a lot of TV shows that have graced our televisions over the years and one of the favorites that stood out quickly was Criminal Minds.The show ran for 15 years, with the first episode airing in 2005 and the finale taking place on February 19, 2020. Another key actor is … Mandy Patinkin stars in this crime drama series as Jason Gideon, the brilliant but emotionally scarred leader of an elite team of FBI profilers. Here is the current list of actors on the CBS series, like Joe Mantegna and Matthew Gray Gubler, as well as stars who are no longer on the show, like Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. An elite team of FBI profilers analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next moves before they strike again. CBS' "Criminal Minds" has been on the air since 2005. The Ghost Whisperer star joined the cast of Criminal Minds in season 10 and played FBI Special Agent Kate Callahan and left at the end of the season. See more ideas about شباب, صورة. Hey Adam Rodriguez—happy happy birthday, friend! In the last season of Criminal Minds, the cast included Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Adam Rodriguez, … Criminal Minds. Cast: Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Lola Glaudini. He joined the cast … . Criminal Minds. Van Der Beek portrayed Tobias Hankel/ Raphael, a serial killer with a split personality disorder, who might be forgotten now after the many other unsubs the team has had to deal with in the seasons since, but he was one of the most memorable at the time. REGULAR CAST: Joe Mantegna(David Rossi), Paget Brewster(Emily Prentiss), Matthew Gray Gubler(Dr. Spencer Reid), A.J. Is Gibson's dismissal related to cost cutting and the spat just an excuse? I got it from reliable sources that the lovely Paget Brewster has now joined Twitter :). And for Criminal Minds, it's crazy serial killers. There have been two Criminal Minds spin-offs that Kirsten has also been a part of. It has also spawned two spin-off series: "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" and "Criminal Minds: Beyond … Criminal Minds Facts. Henney guest-starred in the backdoor pilot for the spinoff, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders in Episode 19. Criminal Minds was Real LIT back in season 1-10 The team was elite Storyline but after Hotch and Morgan The Best characters left it started to dip I only stayed for season 12 because you had Reid getting framed and Mr.scratch Like whole **** was going down in that season but the team was eh Criminal Minds was Real LIT back in season 1-10 The team was elite Storyline but after Hotch and … Matthew Gray Gubler is packing away some sentimental artifacts from his 15 years on Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds. Staying on are Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and … So few shows make it this far, and fewer still keep consistent ratings and fans for such a long span of time. Criminal Minds ... Actor Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid, injured his knee just before production commenced on the show's fifth season, forcing him to get around on crutches. On January 10, 2019, the show was renewed for its fifteenth and final season. Criminal Minds. Today. The show revolves around a bunch of criminal profilers who work with the FBI to catch the most dangerous masterminds. TV Shows We’re Losing in 2020 — and What to Watch Instead. I say supposed to be, because they failed miserably. As it turns out, Mantegna has been married since 1975, (via Allvipp). In the first episode of season five, "Nameless, Faceless", Reid is shot in the leg, and has to use crutches for the next few episodes. "Criminal Minds" is used to dealing with cast shake-ups. Amaia Duran. Criminal Minds cast members A.J. ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 16 cast ‘Criminal Minds’ needed a star-studded throw, which became one of the most important reasons why it had been lauded by critics and fans alike. July 4, 2019 by Amanda Prahl. Help Support MyDramaList. Learn about Criminal Minds: discover its cast ranked by popularity, see when it premiered, view trivia, and more. This is going to be quite a ride! 623 … 43 edits. Criminal Minds final season has started but what’s our favourite Criminal Minds cast doing after leaving the show? All those names were wrong. Criminal Minds Assorted Washable Face Masks- Pack of 3. It first aired on CBS on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 10:00 PM. Variations of 2048 Criminal Minds. Throughout his time on the show, he played the Jason Gideon character. The members are tasked with … In 2007, the actor appeared in season two of Criminal Minds in a role that spanned two episodes. Who is in the cast of Criminal Minds season 15? Over 15 seasons CBS' Criminal Minds cast has changed quite a bit. Regular price $24.95 Sale price $19.95. Apart from Patinkin’s exit, A.J. The cast comprised Mandy Patinkin as Jason, Thomas Gibson as Aaron, and Shemar Moore as Derek. A spin-off of Criminal Minds, the show follows a Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Analysis Unit from Virginia. layle1 . If you consider yourself the #1 Criminal Minds fan, then this Criminal Minds Cast Black Mug was made for you. Cook(Jennifer “JJ” Jareau), Aisha Tyler(Dr. Tara Lewis), Kirsten Vangsness(Penelope Garcia), Adam Rodriguez(Luke Alvez), Daniel Henney(Matt Simmons). Criminal Minds Quiz 20 Questions - Developed by: Patience Mulgrew - Developed on: 2020-06-16 - 6,349 taken - 3 people like it You have to watch the full Criminal Minds … 30. Get ready to explore the secrets and trivia behind Criminal Minds. Grody threw out a couple of names, suggesting Clint Eastwood, Daniel Day-Lewis, Anthony Hopkins, and Kenneth Branagh. Farewell, BAU. Moreover, she now stands happily married to her husband, Nаthаn Аndеrѕеn, on August 3, 2001. Criminal Minds. A lot has happened since the first episode and the main cast has changed quite a bit...Criminal Minds… Really looking forward to this drama. Top Contributors. Actor; Band; Player; Rapper; Singer; Tiktoker; Brands; Pages. Thomas Gibson’s time on CBS’ Criminal Minds has come to an end. March 11, 2021 | by Bettina Dizon "Criminal Minds," said its final goodbyes on CBS to all the fans. 10. Actor Thomas Gibson, right, is seen with one of his Criminal Minds co-stars Matthew Gray Gubler at the 2011 Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monaco. In the first episode of season five, "Nameless, Faceless", Reid is shot in the leg, and has to use crutches for the next few episodes. Criminal Minds is a popular crime drama television series that has been created and produced by Jeff Davis. Emma Balduf. Just like that. Yep, it is the Krashlyn-Criminal Minds crossover you may not have wanted but my muse came up with. The wounds remain. Follow. Criminal Minds. Starting with Joe Mantegna, whose David Rossi portrayal has always been bone-chilling in the best way. The cast in Criminal Minds changes over the season. On the other hand, AJ Cook’s net worth is $4 million. Pinterest. Cook departed, but was then re-signed. Because Criminal Minds has been on the air for so long, it's only natural that many actors have come and gone from the series. 'Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson (Hotch) and Joe Mantegna (Rossi). When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Cast. [Image by Frederick M. … Facts about Criminal Minds 4: profiling . Mantegna plays the role of agent David Rossi. 18 : Mei Says: July 26th, 2017 at 8:06 am. Years: 2005 - present. Nov 23, 2019 - Explore Arinn Thompson's board "Criminal minds cast", followed by 139 people on Pinterest. The streaming service (which launches on March 4th) has officially revived the Criminal Minds TV series for a 16th season. Kirsten also had a notable role in the show Pretty the Series. 8. After 14 seasons and over 250 episodes, the crime show "Criminal Minds" is set to end in 2020. 73,319 Fans. The show has had a successful run for over 15 years and has gained a huge fan-base. Premiered: Feb 16, 2011. Download full movies, Stream Content Fast and Easy. Blog dedicated to Criminal Minds fanart. Weekly MyDramaList Support Goal. The site may not work as expected. Comment. Following the creative dispute between the actor and producer, Williams filed a formal complaint with human resources. … Still, others insist they've never seen the dark side of the actor… :) FFftlm best team at all on TV....but now without JJ : (. The cast of the show became one big family, but what about their personal lives? 16 : Criminal Minds, o novo drama policial e criminal da tvN Says: July 23rd, 2017 at 8:00 am […] Fonte: KoreanDrama […] 17 : OMG Says: July 25th, 2017 at 11:30 am. "Mosley Lane" is the sixteenth episode of season five of the crime procedural drama series Criminal Minds and the 107th episode of the series overall. Network: CBS. Casey Rackham Can You Guess The Season Of "Criminal Minds" Based On … 229,000 Subscribers. An on-set altercation in which the actor kicked a writer on the veteran procedural sealed his fate. Criminal Minds Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. 19,949 Followers. But as it has been announced that the new season will be the continuation of the prior one, the production house must be trying hard to pitch as many as the original characters … The show started on September 22, 2005, and it aired its final episode on February 19, 2020. We never missed an episode of Criminal Minds after its premiere in 2005! Share Share Tweet Email. Dr Spencer Reid - Matthew Gray Gubler . 1. Posts about Cast written by Lanna and Mira. A History of All of Criminal Minds' Cast Shake-Ups Over 12 Seasons Thomas Gibson isn't the first: Mandy Patinkin, Shemar Moore, Paget Brewster and … The cast of "Criminal Minds" is widely beloved, and with them returning to the screen sometime in the future on Paramount+, it's time we take a closer look at these stars and who they're spending their lives with. as Series Ends After 15 Years. MrBouBou . He threw out things the actor's name rhymed with. 106 Criminal Minds Cast stock pictures and images Browse 106 criminal minds cast stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. … July 17, 2019 by Amanda Prahl. Fun facts: cast, trivia, popularity rankings, and more. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Daniel Henney as Matt Simmons in Season 10. The show concluded its 15-season run. Genre: Drama. Criminal Minds attempts -- largely unsuccessfully -- to disguise the ordinariness of its standard procedural premise with extra gore and highbrow literary references. Getty Images. Related: See the Criminal Minds Cast Through the Years. It was first premiered on 22nd September, 2005 and running till date when writing this article. Thomas Gibson played Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner on hit crime show Criminal Minds Credit: Alamy The actor is said to have been involved in an on-set altercation with a producer. The 15th anniversary of ‘Criminal Minds’ is later this year, and HL spoke with cast members Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, and A.J. See the Cast of Criminal Minds Then & Now Take a look back at how the stars of Criminal Minds, which premiered Sept. 22, 2005 and wrapped Feb. … Paget Brewster is on Twitter :) Posted in Paget Brewster on 2010/04/17 by Lanna. 1 A. When a fourth woman goes missing in Seattle during the course of four months, the team is brought in to profile her captor. Let's have a look. Shemar Moore’s character Derek Morgan is among the most popular characters over the show’s run. A star for over 10 seasons on the show, he's returned to Criminal Minds in a guest-starring capacity in the time since. It follows the adventures of an FBI profiling team from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) from Quantico, Virginia, that stars Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner. 0. Hessa. 1. It was created by Jeff Davis and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. The Cast of the Criminal Minds season 16. … Home Criminal Minds Cast's Real-life Partners. The younger version of Jason was portrayed by . Cyrene Martin. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by colour family Criminal Minds is an American scripted crime and police procedural drama that follows an FBI Behavioral Unit which uses profiling to solve extremely brutal crimes. The longtime cast member of Criminal Minds, Cook, is assumed to get around $100,000 per episode. Famous Birthdays. foto of Criminal Minds Cast for fans of Criminal Minds 13674642 The behavioral profiling is applied to catch the criminals. Criminal Minds; Criminal Minds Cast Instagrams 30 Times the Criminal Minds Agents of the BAU Stole Our Hearts on Instagram. It's not impossible, but given Gibson's dismissal from the original series, it is unlikely. Undo New Game. Featured. Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is ending its run on CBS with its upcoming 15th and final season, and the cast has finished filming the series finale. Popular Lists Related lists from users. This list includes all of the Criminal Minds main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below.You can various bits of trivia about these Criminal Minds stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is. The 15th season of the highly watchable procedural drama ended in 2020 and fans have been wondering if it's ever coming back. However, after 11 seasons, his character disappeared. Joe Mantegna (David Rossi) Next to Mandy Patinkin, Joe Mantegna is the biggest name to be on Criminal Minds. Mandy Patinkin — Patinkin played Special Agent Jason Gideon and was one of Criminal Minds’ original cast members. The crime drama previously ran for 15 years on CBS , … During its celebrated 15-year run, Criminal Minds was one of the most-watched cable shows in the country—and for good reason. Well, we’re glad they dodged that bullet. Criminal Minds always does a superb job of bringing the most intense stories to life, and episodes like this one are able to crank up the danger in a hurry. Through 15 seasons, and one "explosive" series finale, the Emmy-nominated CBS procedural, … Trending Stories nessa. The massive characters are seared with scars.” – Criminal Minds. And for Criminal Minds, it's crazy serial killers. The second season of Criminal Minds premiered on CBS in the United States on September 20, 2006, and aired the finale on May 16, 2007. 17%. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". Criminal Minds is a CBS network drama series created by Jeff Davis that premiered on September 22, 2005 and conlcuded on February 19, 2020 where it has been airing for 15 seasons and 324 episodes. Now let’s look at the real life partners of the current cast members of “Criminal Minds.” Matthew Gray Gubler is a romantic who dated Taylor Swift. . The team that cracked the criminal minds behind various crimes also became a family on the show as the characters evolved. Criminal Minds Critics Consensus. The Behavioral Analysis Unit's most experienced agent is David Rossi, a founding member of the BAU who returns to help the team solve new cases. From costume changes to actors' superstitions, here are some facts about "Criminal Minds" people may not know. Premiered: Sep 22, 2005. Additionally, and maybe as a result of its long-running nature, the show has faced an abundance of casting changes throughout the years, from minor characters to lead players. Yuanwei. jfair11, babygirlgeek7 and 11 others like this. Patinkin was one of the very first members of the original Criminal Minds cast to leave the show. Photo of Criminal Minds Cast for fans of Criminal Minds 13674640 criminal minds. cant wait ! 9.9 (407 votes) Track the release dates of your favorite TV shows all in one place. It follows a group of criminal profilers who work for the FBI as members of its Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), using behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate crimes and find perpetrators. I understand that there will be deviations here and there with remakes, but their character deviations were just atrocious. When a fourth woman goes missing in Seattle during the course of four months, the team is brought in to profile her captor. RELATED: Net Worth Of The Stars Of The Lord Of The Rings. Stella. Genre: Drama. A latecomer to the Criminal Minds cast, Daniel Henney actually appeared on the series as early as season ten. Search. Criminal Minds. Originally, Criminal Minds was supposed to be called Quantico and the pilot was filmed in Vancouver. According to the IMDb rating system, Season 1, episode 13 of "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior," called "Death by a Thousand Cuts," is the highest-rated episode of … Criminal Minds has been on the air a very long time. The show tells the story of the team as they work various cases, and tackle their personal struggles. There are no TV Airings of Criminal Minds in the next 14 days. By Philip Etemesi Published Apr 01, 2021. The "Criminal Minds" cast has seen quite a few faces in its 14 seasons. What has the main cast been doing since then? See Also Everything We Know About 'Criminal Minds… About. 27 edits. In each episode, these agents of the BAU try to decipher the behavior of the criminal (who is commonly referred to in the series as an "Unsub" or "Unknown Subject") rather than strictly solving the crime. Paget Brewster is a versatile television and film actress who rejoined the team as a series regular last season. It`s already been a year since the Criminal minds season 15 ended and there is a very high probability that all the cast members of season 15 moved to their new projects. Criminal Minds reboot release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the new series out? This is a list of characters in the television series Criminal Minds, an American police … Criminal Minds is a crime drama that premiered on CBS on September 22, 2005. “Criminal Minds” got embroiled in controversy last week when Thomas Gibson, who played BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) Special Agent and Unit Chief Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, had allegedly kicked a writer and producer named Virgil Williams from the CBS series. Keep going Try again. 0. Criminal Minds. “Criminal Minds” may be a cast member down for an episode or two in Season 12.The CBS series may show the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) work as … Another Criminal Minds directorial debut — though not his first time behind the camera — Adam Rodriguez was the fifth member of the BAU team to man the helm. TV Premiere Dates … Biggest Library of free Full Movies. While we’re on the topic of the scriptwriters…they ruined the original Criminal Minds team. The series premiered on CBS on September 22, 2005, and concluded on February 19, 2020. He … Video 15 Times Korean Actors BLEW OUR MINDS With Their Deeds! Complete with three breathable masks that feature the Wheels Up, BAU, and Icon Mashup designs, this bundle is perfect for Criminal Minds fans on the go. The "Criminal Minds" Cast Is Sharing Goodbye Photos And Messages With Fans. Criminal Mind Cast AJ Cook. 2017 KDramas w/Best OST. To many fans, his character's strength in the face of some truly horrific events was a necessary source of calmness, which made his character's quiet departure in the twelfth season that much more unexpected. 42 Metascore; 2010; 17 Seasons CBS Drama, Suspense TV14 Watchlist.